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Take a Bite Out of The Charleston Nasty

Photo: Praneendra Kuver
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

The brunch sandwich formally known as The Big Nasty at Southern comfort food place Hominy Grill will hereby go as The Charleston Nasty. Chef Robert Stehling was asked to change the name after big chain McAlister's Deli sent a cease and desist letter to uphold their trademark on the title.

Hominy held a contest to determine the new menu line, and ultimately, Stehling "decided to go with something simple and to the point." The restaurant forwarded a few of the amusing runner-ups, so take a look at the alternative monikers for the fried chicken biscuit.

1. Hominy-themed: Homina Homina, Hominator, Hominicious Biscuit, Homwrecker, Hominy Hammer, Hominy Hunk.

2. Gravy-based: Glutton Gravy, Gravy Train, Smothered Southerner, Smothered Clucker, Gravy Baby, Death By Gravy.

3. Charleston-themed: Poultry & Bess, Porgy & Beescuit, Scourge of King George, Two-ton Charleston, The Joe, Low Country, Big Charleston, Lord Ashley, Dirty Dixie, Riley O' Biscuit.

4. Shots at McAlister's Deli: Massively Messy McAlister, Little Legal Matter, Lititgation Biscuit, the Cease & Desist, Big McNasty.

5. And others: Kitchen Sink, Slap your Cardiologist, Wear your sweatpants, So Fried Your Momma Cried, Glory Roll, Bombastic, King Coma, Sloppy Jalopy, Chicken Choker, Grubby Grub, Boom-shocka, Hot Mess, Big Raunchy, Chicken Thang, Gnarly Nasty, Hugh Jass, Fat & Sassy, Sloppy Cluck, Large & in Charge, Cluckasm.
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Hominy Grill

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