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Guess the Chef at Unnamed King/Morris Project

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Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas, covering the food and restaurant scene across North and South Carolina.

Yesterday, Post and Courier dropped some info on the 513-515 King St. restaurant but not a whole lot. In January, Eater speculated on a Levi Strauss heir and the possibility of a bistro at the address. As it turns out, these were fairly accurate. Writer Hanna Raskin confirmed co-owner Ben Russell-Schlesinger "comes from a wealthy San Francisco family with ties to Levi Strauss." And when co-owners Russell-Schlesinger and Robert Young met with Eater, the word "bistro" did come up, but they mostly repeated that the establishment would serve small plates with "super high-end ingredients."

The duo envisions the concept to become popular with young professionals but welcoming to everyone. The eatery is expected to be open from noon till 2:00 a.m., with one menu all day. The interior will try to preserve the building's history as a bank and harken back to that time period—they said no Edison Bulbs or farm tables shall be found there.

Since Russell-Schlesinger and Young weren't budging on much more, it was time to play the guessing game. They couldn't reveal the name of the chef but gave us some hints. 1) He's originally from Charleston and has worked for some big names here. 2) He's currently working (it sounds like he may be the head chef) at a "high profile place" in Georgia. 3) He is not a graduate of Johnson & Wales University. 4) Young knew him previously, but found him through a headhunter—Young worked at Charleston Grill and 39 Rue de Jean. 5) The chef is in his late twenties/early thirties. 6) It "will be a name people will recognize and are fond of."

Any guesses? Leave them in the comments or email us more hints.
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513 King St., Charleston, SC