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Cilantro's Gourmet Slips into the Lowcountry

Photo: Cilantro's

Eater is a little late on this one, but a new food truck in town is always worth mentioning. Tweeter Maya Hollinshead alerted the #chseats community to the existence of Cilantro's Rolling Gourmet Food Truck today, and a quick check of their calendar says they've been on the road since late January. The moving eatery mostly keeps to a route of the Lowcountry Scooter Store, James Island True Value, and the corner of Maybank Highway and River Road on Johns Island.

The menu is split between tacos and hamburgers. Tortilla fillings range from filet to pulled pork to brisket. The most exotic burger on the sheet is a "Cilantro Jalapeño" option—otherwise, they're pretty standard.
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