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Chef Jon Cropf Plays With Molecular Gastronomy and Critic Allston McCrady Eats it Up

"... we Instagrammed like social media addicts."

The Vendue
The Vendue
The Vendue
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas, covering the food and restaurant scene across North and South Carolina.

Sure, The Drawing Room at The Vendue looks hip, with all its local art and slick interiors, but how's the food? City Paper reviewer Allston McCrady discovers the plates are just as stunning as the surroundings. She describes one menu item as if were the most miraculous find of the year:

The trio of Hudson Valley Foie Gras ($21) is an epiphany, definitely worth the price. Creamy, room-temperature foie gras custard nestles into a petite duck egg balanced on rock salt. The classic Torchon Brûlée French preparation caramelizes the exterior of the duck liver but leaves the center velvety and glistening, served over a crisp buttery brioche with a dab of brandied fruit chutney. The pillowy beignets stuffed with warm foie gras (a dreamy marriage of two indulgences) round out the trinity.

Everyone at the restaurant plays a role in McCrady's perfect evening, from the ingenuity of chef Jon Cropf, to garnishes grown by sous chef Nick McNevin, to the waiter who happens to peruse "Nostradamus in his off time." With the "best ribeye I have ever put in my mouth" and all the "kitchen's gastronomical adventurousness," McCrady's meal at The Drawing Room sounds absolutely magical.

Drawing Room

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