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Super Important Chef Daniel Boulud Tours Charleston Kitchens [Updated]

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World-renowned chef/restaurateur uploads Instagrams from the Lowcountry.

Boulud in Charleston
Boulud in Charleston
Daniel Boulud/Wikipedia
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

International man of many talents Daniel Boulud is visiting the Holy City, taking group shots in kitchens, and documenting his meals.

Boulud started his tour on Friday, December 26, with lunch on Cassique at Kiawah and an afternoon beverage at the Ryder Cup Bar. That evening, he dined at the venerable Charleston Grill and joined the staff on the line for a group photo.

Here he is with Charleston Grill maître d' Mickey Bakst:

On Saturday, December 27, Boulud declared his intentions to dine at downtown's McCrady's and The Ordinary.

The highly-lauded chef's dinner started with a venison and black truffle starter paired with an Incan Affair at McCrady's and ended with a visit to the back of house.

The next day, Sunday, December 28, Boulud lunched at chef Sean Brock's recently-opened Minero, complete with plenty of taco photos.

That evening, he was on to oyster hall The Ordinary.

It's fun to track the activities of such a high profile chef, but the question remains — does his Charleston visit have a purpose? Perhaps he really likes to document his vacations. Or is he on a scouting trip for a Lowcountry-based Boulud? With the amount of hotels going into Charleston, (many of the Boulud restaurants are in luxury lodgings) one has to wonder if he may establish a new place in one of them. Either way, send us a tip if you spot the chef/restaurateur in your kitchen.

[Update: Mickey Bakst, who helped plan Boulud's trip, tells us it's simply a family vacation. That doesn't mean you can't hold out hope that a DBGB will set up shop in one of the midtown hotels — maybe the French chef will fall in love with Charleston that much.]


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