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Try The Hot Dog at The Mason Jar in West Ashley

Don't let all those toppings intimidate you.

The Mason Jar
The Mason Jar
The Mason Jar
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas, covering the food and restaurant scene across North and South Carolina.

West Ashley diner The Mason Jar upholds their reputation, this week, as a destination for traditional Southern recipes in the Lowcountry. City Paper critic Allston McCrady digs into country classics in her latest review.

While she enjoys the crab cakes, pork rinds, and mac n' cheese, an entire paragraph is dedicated to the usually lowly tube-meat-on-bun menu item:

If you're hungry, really hungry, try The Hog Dog ($7.99). The menu description may sound daunting (a hot dog with crumbled bacon, covered in pulled pork, and topped with slaw), but think of it as a bunch of sides that will party together in your stomach anyway and just go for it. Take a big old bite. The result? Surprisingly sublime. The sweet crunch of fresh cole slaw counters the soft, smoky pulled pork and other unctuous piggy derivatives, all cushioned in a bun.

Previously, The Mason Jar impressed Charleston Scene writer Deidre Schipani with their rendition of fried chicken.

the mason jar

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