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Critic Makes Sweet, Sweet Love to His Lunch at Artisan Meat Share

He can't resist.

A man's thoughts easily turn lustful when he is faced with a seductive pile of cured meats. City Paper critic Eric Doksa records his desirous reflections on the sandwich selections at newcomer Artisan Meat Share this week, and it gets a little steamy.

Speaking of a coy, little breakfast sausage number, Doksa states:

She wasn't shy at all, rather bold and seductive, begging me to make the first move. I put my hands around her and pulled her close. I could hear myself breathing, my heart was racing, and I took that first bite.

He also flirts with the "voluptuous Italian," "timid tuna nicoise," and just about every item on the menu. While we're not sure how the sales from a braunschweiger-filled romance novel would go, but it is certain the Artisan Meat Share steals the critic's heart with perfectly executed bread and meat combos. Who knew sandwiches could be so sexy?

Artisan Meat Share

33 Spring St, Charleston, SC

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