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Chef Brock Boyce Takes the Helm at 3 Matadors


Wayward travelers and West Ashley residents welcomed 3 Matadors Tequileria to their current home in May of last year, taking over the old Penachio's Seafood & Italian spot at 2447 Ashley River Rd. After a year-and-a-half of margarita slinging and taco folding, they've brought a new chef on board, and based on their signage, they're damned proud of it.

Chef Brock Boyce entered the 3 Matadors kitchen by way of Stars Rooftop & Grill Room, where a stage for chef Nathan Thurston (prior to his exit from Stars) led to a job. "The knowledge, skills, and confidence I obtained while working for chef Nate Thurston, chef Joe Dimaio, chef Kierane Kennedy, and chef Adam Miller is priceless and something I will always be grateful for," says Boyce. In a previous life, he was an IT pro for 20 years, ending up at Charleston Place for a decade before the recession hit home. After some re-evaluation, Boyce made a leap: "At the young age of 41, I decided to apply to culinary school."

In addition to touting their new hire, 3 Matadors' signage points to a "fresh new menu." This starts with Sunday brunch. New items include "fruit in a vanilla syrup and French toast battered in a vanilla custard." Boyce's chicken tortilla soup is already a hit, but other dishes are also in development — a guacamole lime cheeseburger, Mexican chili, black bean soup, and some new wings varieties.

Co-owner Travis Glen points to "a more consistent execution" as one of the reasons they brought Boyce on board, in addition to "tweaking some recipes that were already there and slowly adding items... Brock has done a great job of being out front as well and listening to customer feedback."

As far as next steps go, Glen notes "big plans to work on catering, brunch, and our own hot sauces." Fire: good.

3 Matadors Tequileria

2447 Ashley River Rd, Charleston, SC 29414 (843) 414-7894