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Chef Robert Carter is Out at Rutledge Cab Company; Chef Bryan Lindsay Steps Up

The ol' chef switcheroo.

Bryan Lindsay
Bryan Lindsay
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.
News broke late Friday that founding chef Robert Carter was leaving family-friendly restaurant Rutledge Cab Company to "concentrate on a large new project." Carter did not reveal any other details to City Paper at the time.

However, Carter's departure shouldn't alarm fans of RCC, as executive chef Bryan Lindsay has been in the kitchen since day one of the eatery. Carter sculpted the menu, but Lindsay executed the offerings on a daily basis. With Carter leaving, however, this gives Lindsay a chance to formulate a new menu using his 20 years of cooking experience.

Co-owner of RCC Brad Creger tells Eater Charleston there will be some interesting and creative changes to the plates, but they will remain within the realm of what people have come to expect of the restaurant. Check back in a few weeks for a menu release.

Rutledge Cab Company

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