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Mad River Suddenly Shuts Their Doors; Employees in the Dark [UPDATED]

Servers informed over email.

Sign at Mad River
Sign at Mad River
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

This morning, the sign on Market Street party place Mad River Bar & Grill declares that they are shuttered after nine years in business. The sign reads:

Mad River Bar and Grille has closed for business. Thank you Charleston for an amazing 9 years. We wish the next place here at 32B North Market the best of luck.

The story of the closing came Sunday morning when local blog Holy City Sinner noticed former employees were venting their frustration on social media over the sudden shut down. It seems management did not inform the staff that Saturday would be their last shift, until the next day, via email.

Update: According to an anonymous tip, management had no clue of the closure, and it was a "3:00 a.m. surprise from the owner."

Anyone with insight into what's next for 32B N. Market St. should hit the tipline.

Mad River

, Charleston, SC (843) 723-0032