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Bloomberg Writer Approves of Minero's Fare, Despite the Eagles Soundtrack

Another stamp of approval for chef Sean Brock and The Neighborhood Dining Group

Leslie McKellar
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

New York food critic for Bloomberg Tejal Rao visits Charleston to sample chef Sean Brock's take on Mexican food at newcomer Minero. Rao has a few complaints ("How did you end up listening to the Eagles at a sticky table, sipping your second margarita from a dinky plastic cup?"), but none of them include Brock's menu.

She describes the pozole as "life-affirming," the shrimp and masa grits are as comforting as a familial embrace, and overall, "the food is cheap but very good." The critic finds a casual place where all walks gather to feast upon Brock's tacos.

The added national exposure comes the same day proprietors of the restaurant The Neighborhood Dining Group announced a second location for Minero in Atlanta.