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Is Another Vegan Restaurant in the Works for Charleston?

Killer Tofu?

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Food trends come in waves to Charleston. Remember the burger bust of yesteryear? Or perhaps the French craze? Right now, the Lowcountry seems to be focused on tacos, but will vegan food dominate 2015?

Most restaurants will accommodate dietary restrictions, but Charleston lacks in dedicated vegan eateries. Dell'z Deli did well to cater to the tempeh-loving crowds, most recently Motobar opened on King Street — they don't keep any animal products in stock — and it looks like another establishment might be on the way. Someone by the name of Gnome is searching for a vegan chef.

Not much is know right now, other than the ad:

New vegan cafe in downtown charleston seeks a compassionate self-motivated chef. Cafe will be open for breakfast and lunch. Looking for someone to manage food costs, control inventory and place orders, expedite food and encourage a positive work environment.

If you have any insight, leave it at the tipline.