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'Price Isn't Unreasonable' for Lobster Rolls at 167 Raw

Critic Eric Doksa shuts down anyone who complains about the price of lobster.

167 Raw
167 Raw
167 Raw

"Fresh chunks of New England lobster are elegantly dressed in a light aioli, dusted with chives, then nestled inside a buttery, warm split-top bun," writes critic Eric Doksa, as he makes everyone reading extremely jealous they aren't currently eating a lobster roll from newcomer 167 Raw. While the $18 price tag may scare off some patrons, Doksa explains the economy of flying the crustaceans in fresh from New England and the skilled labor that goes into the opulent bites. The critic deems the "price isn't unreasonable."

But it's not just about the claw meat utilizing the fresh seafood case inside the store/teeny eatery, chef Sean Rieflin wows Doksa with other delights, like fish tacos and a grilled swordfish sandwich.

Doksa's only complaint in this week's City Paper review is that there aren't enough seats inside 167 Raw. He doesn't dwell on this too much, as he figures a lobster roll ordered to go tastes just as good as one consumed inside the establishment.

167 Raw

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