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Union Provisions Changes Menu; Ditches 'High-End Small Plates' Concept

With new chef Chari Skinner in charge, the team revamps for a new season.

Union Provisions
Union Provisions
Evan Eggers
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

After a disappointing first review and the swift departure of their first chef, the group at Union Provisions knew it was time to rethink their offerings. Instead of the "high-end small plates" that co-owners Ben Russell-Schlesinger and Robert Young championed in the beginning, the hip restaurant has switched to a more traditional format of appetizers, salads, and mains, while maintaining their small dumpling menu.

Chef Chari Skinner will now offer larger portions of plates, like ciopinno (a nod to Russell-Schlesinger's roots in San Fransisco), bavette steak with red miso, and Brussels sprouts, duck bacon carbonara, and other various proteins prepared with her unique touch. Updated appetizers include shisitos with chorizo and fried chickpeas. The entire menu is below.

UP Menu

Union Provisions

513 King Street, Charleston, SC