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Become an Expert on Casual Mexican Spot Minero With These 5 Facts

Everything you ever wanted to know about The Neighborhood Dining Group's newest project.

Minero Logo
Minero Logo
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Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas, covering the food and restaurant scene across North and South Carolina.

There's only about 30 minutes before The Neighborhood Dining Group unlocks the doors to super taco emporium Minero. You've already seen the menu, so here's what else you should know.

1. Chef Sean Brock and his team tasted over 40 different types of corn to pick a favorite for the restaurant. Their three favorites came from New York-based purveyors Masienda and local suppliers Geechie Boy Mill and Anson Mills.

2. The tortillas are said to be something really special. The group at Minero worked for months to get a taste and texture that's "truly authentic."

3. Expect lots of mezcal and tequila drinks. McCrady's beverage manager Cappie Peete developed a unique beverage program to pair with Brock's burritos and other plates. They've got Mexican beers as well.

4. Minero does not take reservations. In the theme of keeping it casual, it's first come, first serve at the eatery. They do accept take-out orders however, so there is less of a chance of cronut-type mania happening for a steak taco.

5. This one is more a tip than a fact. If you're late to the line, perhaps you can convince the patrons at neighboring establishment Pearlz to bring you an oyster snack during your wait.