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First Look at Mount Pleasant's The Americano

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Ohh and ahh.

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

The next creation from restaurateur John Adamson and operating partner Brandon Omahoney is very, very close to opening. Adamson is proprietor of hip diner The Rarebit, and fans have eagerly awaited his follow up project, The Americano. The newest Coleman Boulevard eatery from the duo takes thematic cues from 1950's Miami/Cuba and will serve up Latin American fare.

The team was adamant about perfecting every nook before letting outside eyes in, and today, everyone can see why. The Americano is a marvel of Havana-esque design and attention to detail in a welcoming atmosphere. It's like a mini vacation around every corner. Here, Eater photographer Lindsey Harris gets the first photos of the soon-to-open restaurant. Look for for the doors at 819 Coleman Blvd. to unlock before the end of the month.