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Bob Waggoner is Named Chef of Upcoming King Street Restaurant Generalissimo

"French-Mexican fusion with a Southern flair"

Bob Waggoner is Named Chef at Generalissimo
Bob Waggoner is Named Chef at Generalissimo
Chef Bob Waggoner
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

While it's not odd to spot culinary stars on the street in Charleston, our curiosity was piqued when chef Bob Waggoner was seen hanging around the forthcoming restaurant at 565 King St. Today, Eater Charleston received confirmation that the former Charleston Grill chef is involved with the newest food and beverage project from Southern Charm producer/idea man behind Planet Hollywood Bryan Kestner.

Kestner told us Waggoner is the chef at the upcoming eatery in the former Taylor's Pawn Shop spot. Kestner also revealed the restaurant is named Generalissimo. He says the concept is "French-Mexican fusion with a Southern flair."

Waggoner is currently working on opening In the Kitchen With Bob Waggoner, a cooking school with a dinner party atmosphere. Presumably when he's not teaching, he'll create and execute the menu at Generalissimo. Waggoner's involvement makes more sense when you remember he once had his own television show, Sing for Your Supper with Bob Waggoner, so perhaps this venture is a chance for the chef to again be on screen with Southern Charm. Stayed tuned for new details, menus, and opening dates.