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The Mason Jar By Fatboys Gets 2.5 Stars in First Review

Critic Deidre Schipani finds Southern-fried flavors in West Ashley.

The Mason Jar by Fatboys
The Mason Jar by Fatboys
The Mason Jar
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

In this week's Charleston Scene, writer Deidre Schipani takes a look at family restaurant The Mason Jar by Fatboys in West Ashley. While her review paints a picture of a quaint Southern diner, it's not until this paragraph that has us contemplating a visit:

Their poultry prowess produces fried chicken encased in a shaggy shell of flavored flours that defies physics as it attaches to the skin, keeps a layer of steam basting the bird and manages to crackle in your mouth, when its safe to take a bit. The chicken (you choose, white or dark meat) is all fried to order and brings a whole new meaning to "hot and juicy."

It sounds like there's another contender in the Lowcountry for best fried chicken.

the mason jar

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