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Chef Blake Joyal Leaves The Palace Hotel; Allegations Against the Dive from Previous Chef

What will become of the dive bar's food menu?

The Palace Hotel
The Palace Hotel
Erin Perkins
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Executive chef Blake Joyal will no longer lead the kitchen at Eastside anomaly The Palace Hotel. Post and Courier reports co-owner/reality television smiley guy Shep Rose asserts Joyal is off seeking other opportunities that include "a full kitchen with all the latest and greatest equipment." Reviews for Joyal's offerings were complimentary, though Charleston Scene critic Hanna Raskin stressed in her assessment that his talent was the key for a harmonious meal at the eatery.

It is undecided at the time who may take over the kitchen at The Palace Hotel also not known are Joyal's feelings on the departure. However, one has to hope his withdrawal is more successful than consulting chef Eva Keilty's leave. In a July blog post from Keilty, she describes her parting with the restaurant as less than favorable.

... I find an unbelievably talented guy that is way over qualified but wants the job anyway.  I leave, I take a catering gig out of state and mentally say good riddance.  I often was paid late.  I received no overtime, which I agreed to during our initial meeting, but I did not agree to being the only employee and still receiving no overtime even though the owners didn't have to pay any other staff and I was covering all the labor needs myself.  My last check was rubber and bounced.  Then they decided just not to pay me for my final two weeks or reimburse me for items I bought for the kitchen.  They agree that I am owed money but just won't pay it.

And as far as the dive bar's kitchen goes (the stated reason for Joyal's departure), Keilty states:

All kitchens have their nuance's and exasperation's... this kitchen was the red headed step child of Hades. To be fair, it wasn't the poor scullery's fault. It had been poorly ventilated, wired, and plumbed...word? Money went to the FOH (front of house) like it always does. Multiple flat screen TV's take the place of functional equipment... I couldn't boil water for three weeks.

The chef does not directly name The Palace Hotel, but anyone following Keilty's career or has a clue about her description of the co-owner as from a "reality program entirely based on being young, rich... like stupid rich, and southern" can figure out which "small new neighborhood establishment" she's describing.

If any of our readers know if Joyal fared better or his next move, leave it at the tipline.

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