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Mercato's Closing a Surprise to Employees [Updated]

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

A press release came through late in the work day, on Friday, announcing that Market Street Italian spot Mercato would close on January 5 to "significantly remodel and reposition the restaurant." Plenty of establishments take advantage of the slow season, after the holidays, to spruce up, so Eater didn't think much of the email. That was, until a few former employees made us aware that they found out about the shutter around the same time the rest of the public was told. Several members of the staff said they were told on Friday that Saturday would be their last day.

Those who spoke with Eater said that the closure would last for several months, and the reopening would be an entire new concept from Mercato. Another speculation came through yesterday that the new restaurant might have a French influence. All that is confirmed, for now, is that the Italian eatery's windows are covered and several people are out of a job this week.

[UPDATE:] According to the PR team behind Mercato, the "extent of the water damage inside Mercato discovered over the holidays hastened the decision to close the restaurant." It seems it was a surprise to everyone.
· Mercato [Official]


102 N Market St., Charleston, SC 29401