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Barsa Gets 3 Stars & Painting Shellfish in Review

Mollusk primer? Painter: Wikipedia/Mussel: Wikipedia/ Illu
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Tapas oasis Barsa Lounge & Bar shines in the latest write-up from Charleston Scene critic Hanna Raskin. The downtown hideout scores high for its use of local products and traditional menu. "Everything I sampled was solid, but it's the impressively fresh seafood preparations that make the notion of Spanish cooking on Upper King Street seem totally intuitive," states Raskin.

The description of the paella, however, is worth a read and will explain the odd photo above.

The rice had plenty of deep, smoky flavors, although not much in the way of fluff. Yet the textural issues, including a flimsy undergirding crust, or socarrat, weren't as disconcerting as the aioli abuse. The bivalves looked as though they'd spent the day prepping walls for painting.

Raskin's distaste for the "mayonnaise slaughter," leaving the shellfish splattered, has us snickering. Just imagine the tiny clams and mussels spackling and priming with condiments (hence, the illustration). She picks apart the traditional rice dish but applauds the rest of the offerings.
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630 King St., Charleston, SC