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Lee Lee's Hot Kitchen Gets Social and a Sign

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Upcoming Chinese restaurant Lee Lee's Hot Kitchen may not be open yet, but they are showing signs of advancement. They've stepped up their social media game with a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, so eager patrons can stalk their every move. The website is live, and though it lacks any real content, you call take in the Lee Lee's aesthetic from Alloneword Design.

Restaurateur Karalee Nielsen originally stated December 19 would be the opening, but she tells us that they are working hard and will let us know when they have a new date. This weekend, Limelight Custom Sign Company posted a photo of the finished signage at 218 President St.—public declarations of an eatery's presence are always a good indication that they might be open soon.
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[Photo: Limelight SC]

Lee Lee's Hot Kitchen

218 President St., Charleston, SC