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Shucking the Facts on Leon's Oyster Shop

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Eater first reported on Leon's Oyster Shop after a Twitter account popped up three weeks ago. Since then, a few more details have surfaced. Tracking down Tim Mink, one of the owners of the forthcoming raw bar, turned over some of our earlier speculations.

The biggest misconception to clear up is Leon's is not a Revolutionary Eating Ventures spot. Tim Mink and Karalee Nielsen possessed REV, but it was merely a management company for Poe's, Taco Boy, Monza and Closed For Business, not an overarching ownership. The misunderstanding of Leon's came about because Mink is a partner in the new oyster restaurant and was a co-owner of REV, but he says, for all intents and purposes, the company is now defunct. Confused? Just know that your favorite places once under the name REV aren't changing anytime soon.

Ok, now on to the mollusks. Mink told us that Leon's will be an all-day casual seafood/oyster-centric bar/restaurant. He said the concept wouldn't be as highbrow as bivalve beauty spot The Ordinary but not exactly a po' boy shop. He mentioned the raw bars he has visited in New Orleans, but said Leon's will be influenced by a hybrid of ideas. The restaurant will boast a patio in the front, a garden in the back and a large standing raw bar. He wants to attract people dressed up and folks in jeans.

There will be a nod to the fact that the building at 698 King St. was once a body shop. It will be a bit industrial and rugged, "not tarted up," Mink told us, but have nice clean lines and a pleasant place to hang out. Expect the same attention to detail at Leon's as in the other once REV places, since Mink had a hand in the concept and development of Poe's, Taco Boy, Monza and Closed For Business. No word on a menu, but he said they will bring in a chef from New Orleans to help open. He expects the restaurant to be opened by Christmas. Keep your shuckers ready for more opening news as it becomes available.
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Leon's Oyster Shop

698 King St., Charleston, SC

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