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Mì Xào's Vietnamese Takeout Scores 2 Stars

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Charleston Scene writer Hanna Raskin laments, "If there's anything at which Mì Xào excels, it's averageness," as she tries to discover why the Mount Pleasant Asian counter is so popular with locals. Robert Moss gave the restaurant a positive review last year, but perhaps the standards have slipped? Raskin reviews most of the menu and can't find a single dish that signals why the place is purported as special.

Raskin's descriptions of the appetizers exemplify her distaste for the takeout spot—"schlumpy dumplings look as though they're wrapped in rolls of baby fat. The gummy skin surrounds a nubbin of bland pork paste, which badly needs a spank of heat." She does, however, settle on the salads as passable for exceptional fare, as they "offer a spark of bright color and crunch sadly missing from the rest of the menu."
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[Photo: Mì Xào]

Mì Xào

1055 S Carolina 41, Mt Pleasant, SC 29466

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