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Dell'z Uptown Not Only for Vegetarians

Charleston is fully ingrained with "lardcore" culture, so it's rare to find restaurants catering to vegans and vegetarians. Owner of plant heavy shop Dell'z Deli, Maudell "Dell" Grayson, recently expanded her good vibe empire to the corner of Rutledge Street and Nunan Street with Dell'z Uptown. Writer Angela Hanyak covers the restaurant above the Crosstown in this week's City Paper review.

Upon entering the space, Hanyak finds it "cool and casual all at the same time, with sounds of steel drums and classic reggae playing in the background." The atmosphere of Dell'z Uptown is embracing and effortless. It's a place to relax and allow the knowledgeable staff to guide you in your menu choices.

As far as food goes, Hanyak first tackles the smoothie list. She enjoys the Berry Good and Uptown Elvis, but declares the Green Goodness is "a taste that requires persistence." The writer doesn't even notice the absence of meat as she digs into the breakfast pizza and nachos appetizer. She forges through a great deal of the menu as she continues through Dell'z bowls, pizzas and wraps. Hanyak is impressed with Grayson's use of creative ingredients to create a extensive menu. She states, "The limited salad menu is a testament to Dell'z Uptown's ability to cater to a vegetarian and vegan clientele without relegating them to countless bowls of mixed greens." And yes, she enjoyed the vegan bacon.
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Dell'z Uptown

511 Rutledge Ave, Charleston SC

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