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Chefs Switch Back From Básico to Monza

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Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

A reliable source told Eater, culinary wonders Leila Schardt and Italo Marino of sleek taquería Básico will soon return to race car themed pizza place Monzathe chefs' previous place of employment. Schardt and Marino made a splash out in the Mixson development with their menu of buttermilk fried chicken tacos, coconut grouper ceviche and brisket enchiladas. City Paper reviewer Robert Moss even gave the chefs a glowing review.

The source did not divulge the reasons behind the move, but did say Schardt and Marino will be making some revisions to the Monza menu to display their ingenuity and skills in the kitchen. Fans of the Neapolitan style pizzas shouldn't worry though, they will still keep the pies and plates within the scope of the King Street restaurant you've grown to love.
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4399 McCarthy St, North Charleston, SC 29405


451 King Street, Charleston SC