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Oyster Bar to Join Upper Upper King Street? [Updated]

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

After the popularity of raw seafood destination The Ordinary, is Charleston ready for another bivalve eatery? A new twitter account under the name Leon's Oyster Shop, with a profile photo of the old Leon's Body Shop at 698 King St., appeared today. Early speculation is that co-owner of Revolutionary Eating Ventures Tim Mink may have leased the building. REV's current restaurants include highly stylized ventures Taco Boy, Monza, Poe's and Closed for Business.

The closest culinary selections on this strip of King Street are the PBR-pushing Recovery Room and tapas place Barsa. If any of this conjecture is true, Charleston may have a new choice for a raw bar on the less-traveled side of town.

[Update] An earlier version of this post stated that Karalee Nielsen was involved with this project and she is not. Nielsen is taking on another venture while her business partner, Tim Mink, will head Leon's.
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698 King St. Charleston, SC