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Kitchen 208 Gets Another Thumbs Down

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Poor Rob Young. The contributor to Charleston Scene hasn't had a decent lunch in weeks. In this issue, he reviews Lower King newcomer Kitchen 208. He begins on a positive note, "Kitchen 208 impresses aesthetically, too. Exposed brick walls, heart of pine flooring and a well-shaded outdoor area heighten the restaurant's appeal." He's charmed by the menu and goes on to describe the various offerings that interest him, the pork Pickleback, the Belle-Gem chicken sandwich and the Smokey Joe brisket bite. He lovingly describes the ingredients, but then he's left with disappointment.

"All of it sounds pretty incredible, right? Only, the sandwiches don't come together as imagined.

The brisket is mild, the fried chicken is on the blandish side, but more likely, the sandwiches tend to suffer from ingredient overkill.

It's difficult to taste or glean the flavors from the individual pieces."

Young is fairly reserved in his criticism and isn't as harsh as the City Paper review, but he's not quite satisfied. The review ends with an optimistic outlook that Kitchen 208 has the potential to be good, "the restaurant is worth revisiting."

If Young doesn't have a better meal next week, Eater may consider renaming his reviews "Rob Young's Crappy Lunch."
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