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Peer Inside New Spring Street Hangout Warehouse

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[Image above: Facebook; all other photos by Rémy Thurston]

Last week, the anticipated downtown bar Warehouse opened, unleashing both caper berry-studded martinis and shuffleboard on its Elliotborough neighbors. There's already been some buzz over chef Eva Keilty's dressed up pub food, but this moment is dedicated to the bar's 3,000 square foot interior.

Co-owners James Groetzinger and Joey Rinaldi enlisted Stumphouse Architecture + Design for the project, and the result is an open space with lots of exposed brick, orange and green seating and a long blonde wood bar. There's also massive windows in the front of building, communal tables and table games, like foosball, set up in the back. Plus, much more.

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45 Spring Street, , SC 29403 (843) 202-0712 Visit Website