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Juicy Rumors about the Wild Olive Project on Sullivan's

[Photo: Wild Olive]

The team behind Wild Olive, the adored (and possibly underrated) Italian bistro on Johns Island, is staying tight-lipped about the new venture on Sullivan's Island. The Post and Courier reported their latest restaurant is headed for the shuttered Atlanticville spot, and that Wild Olive partner Doug Godley is "seeking a license to sell beer, wine and liquor" for the place.

Here's a look at some of the best rumors swirling around the still-mysterious project, all of which are very, very unconfirmed.

1. It might not be a Wild Olive. While there have been some reports in other direction and that's how people are referring to it, an employee at the Johns Island establishment said it's not going to be a replica of the original.

2. A King Street chef could be in the kitchen (at least to help with the opening). Two sources reported a chef with visibility on Charleston's main culinary drag is headed to the new restaurant. No word who will be at the helm, or if Wild Olive chef Jacques Larson will be involved.

3. Be on the lookout for a wood-fired oven. Could it be another hearth-centric Italian joint? A tipster revealed an overheard tidbit about the menu: the Sullivan's Island outpost might do small plates and "some pizza." Again, concepts can change and these are unconfirmed rumors.

If anything is confirmed, though, Eater will post updates. Until then, keep tipping, and anyone who knows what happened with Atlanticville should send details right here.

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Wild Olive

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Wild Olive Project

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