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5 Great Club Sandwiches Across Charleston

[Photo: Rémy Thurston]

Charleston has one very famous toast and toothpick-studded sandwich, but the city has some other club sandwiches that Eater readers love. Now is the time to highlight all of those duck, deli meat and bacon-laden delights. Below, a roundup of some of the sandwiches that stand up to their extra slice of bread. Please weigh in with your favorite in the comments.

Mike's Famous Duck Club at Tattooed Moose: It's a Charleston favorite, and named on untold numbers of "best sandwich" lists, but the ingenious combination of duck confit and apple-smoked bacon cannot be overstated. Plus, duck fat fries.

Variety Store's Triple Decker Club Sandwich at Marina Variety Store: The Lockwood Drive outpost keeps it simple: choose a two-meat combination of ham, turkey and roast beef and then opt for cheese or stick with just the mayonnaise. Wait for lunch, while taking in the serious view.

The Club at Early Bird Diner: The humble club should not be relegated to lunch, and the West Ashley diner gets it. Theirs, a classic with ham and turkey and one side, is served until they close, making this double-decker an option until 4 a.m. on Friday and Saturdays.

Smoked Duck Club at Bull Street Gourmet: Perhaps destined to exist in the shadow of the famous iteration at the Tattooed Moose, the duck-y goodness at Bull Street on King Street is outstanding in its own right. The confit poultry is paired with smoked gouda, smoked duck ham and pickled onion, and should not be overlooked.

All Natural Chicken Salad Club at Five Loaves Cafe: Charleston loves chicken salad, making the avocado and apple wood bacon-topped version a favorite at the Mount Pleasant and downtown restaurants. Neither super old-school or too fancy, it's available as part of a half sandwich and soup combo, which keeps to the club's traditional roots.

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Tattooed Moose, Johns Island

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