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Warehouse Starts Pouring TODAY at 4 p.m.

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The wait for the much-anticipated Spring Street hangout with fancy drinking grub Warehouse is nearly over. The somewhat expansive bar was lit up at various points last week, but events were private friends and family affairs. As of this afternoon, the public will be able to try out their beer cocktails and pimento cheese whiz and pork rinds and whatever else chef Eva Keilty has added to the menu. In a slight twist on the standard bar fare and booze, they'll also be brewing coffee and serving desserts (like Keilty's vanilla bourbon caramel pudding, aka the French toast people were buzzing about at the soft opening).

A while back, co-owner James Groetzinger told Eater he was hoping to keep the prices at his new bar easy on the wallet. The soft-opening menu didn't reveal just how much Memphis-style confit wings might cost, but those who hit up the watering hole this evening should send over pictures of the menu to solve the last lingering mystery about Warehouse.

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[Photo: Angel Powell]


45 Spring Street, , SC 29403 (843) 202-0712 Visit Website


45 1/2 Spring St., Charleston