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City Paper: At Least JI's Crust Gets the Dough Right

Robert Moss reviewed Crust, the new-ish wood-fire pizza place on James Island this week for City Paper. Amid some complaints about lack of flavor in the arancini, Moss does credit the Maybank Highway eatery: "Fortunately, considering the restaurant's name, the pizza's crust is quite good: very thin, with just a touch of black char from the oven's flames."

Moss goes on to say that although the amount and variety of toppings are appreciated, "the flavors don't always come together." His opinions on the decor were favorable, but only one thing exceeded his expectations, the elevated-from-casual s'mores. In the end, Moss sees potential in Crust, but recommends they fix their missteps in order to achieve it.

— By Rémy Thurston

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1956-B Maybank Hwy, Charleston, SC