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Does The Oyster Room on Folly Need a 'Little TLC'?

Yes, according to City Paper reviewer Eric Doksa. The Oyster Room opened on Folly Beach back in March, but Doksa finds problems all over the place.

"For starters, the identity — are you an oyster bar or an Asian bistro? Can you please add a bit of acidity to some of the dishes? While you're at it, remove the lead gloves when dressing greens and mixing mayo with the lobster. Make sure each and every oyster is fully shucked and carefully selected."
But the title of the review says the place "holds promise," and there's some optimism throughout. Doksa notes a "hefty portion" of meat on the lobster roll, local beer on tap and a "decent" he-crab soup. And sometimes, The Oyster Room even serves local oysters, like Carolina Cups.

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The Oyster Room

14 Center St., Folly Beach