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Elliotborough Mini Bar, Soon with Mornings + Coffee

Elliotborough Mini Bar, the downtown watering hole known for its preview and pop-up dinners, in addition to its small size, will be joining the Charleston coffee scene this summer. Look for the bar to offer a.m. hours, with perhaps a morning shift from 7 to 10:30 or so. In addition to single-origin pour-over coffee, they're also planning on selling pastry from nearby Brown's Court Bakery and Ashley Bakery.

Barista Tripp Gandy will be heading up the coffee program there, and Mini Bar owner Anna Faenza says he has "a longtime history" in the business. Super fans of Kudu's latte art throw downs might remember him from a victory in December 2011's competition.

Faenza says at Mini Bar mornings they're "gonna keep it simple, but crafty." Beer and wine will be available for those who just can't wait. No word if the booze will also be served in paper to-go cups.

· Kudu [Official Site]
· Elliotborough Mini Bar [Facebook]

[Photo: Facebook]

Elliotborough Mini Bar

18 Percy St Charleston, SC 29403