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Meet the Eater Young Guns Semi-Finalists: Brooks Reitz

There's a big interview with The Ordinary's GM Brooks Reitz over on Eater National, and it's filled with raves about the Eater Young Gun Semi-Finalist. While the entire piece is worth a read, here are some of the highlights:

McCrady's/Husk chef Sean Brock compared the stylish Reitz to restaurateur Danny Meyers saying, "You know when you meet someone and you just smile because you're like 'Holy shit you're going to do some things in your life.'"

And later, "He's going to be very, very, very dangerous when he gets 10 years under his belt. He's also extremely admired by his team, which is very uncommon these days. On top of that, he can make a damn good cocktail."

Joey Ryan of Xiao Bao Biscuit also weighs in: "The professionalism he brings to The Ordinary is not only admirable, and would make any restaurant better, but carefully crafted in a way that fits that space, and allows people to leave whatever and where ever they came from behind at least for the time they are in that old bank building."

Check out the rest of the praise and a quick bio of Reitz over here.

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[Photo by Rémy Thurston]

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