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Husk Tops List of Must-Try Burgers...for Month of May

Just when it seemed like perhaps the Husk Charleston hype had cooled off, Sean Brock's now-iconic cheeseburger landed on an internet listicle of burgers to try this month. The Forbes Travel Guide and points out the double patties are made from a famous mix Benton bacon and chuck, topped with shaved and steamed onions and American cheese. OK, sure. But here's the kicker:

"It's served on a toasted, housemade buttermilk and sesame seed bun that's moist and soft, yet with a perfect crunch. Keeping with his farm-to-table philosophy, Brock tops the burger with local lettuce and tomatoes only when they're in season."
Sesame seeds might rule at some burger establishments, but in the House of Brock, it's benne seeds all the way.

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[Photo: Praneendra Kuver]


76 Queen Street, Charleston, SC 29401 843 577 2500


76 Queen St., Charleston, SC