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Wine + Food's Jerue Named Interim Executive Director

The big announcement after this year's Wine + Food Festival was the departure of long-time director Angel Passailaigue Postell. Today, a press release went out announcing W+F board chair Rick Jerue as the interim executive director, effective April 15. Here's part of Jerue's statement from the PR team:

"It was also important to have an interim director who had no interest in being the permanent director. I look forward to working with the staff until that permanent director is selected."

A little bit about Jerue: Back in 2006, he was appointed to be the president of The Art Institute in Charleston. When he left the job in 2012, he told Charleston Business Journal, "I just figured, you know, it was just time to turn over the leadership here to a new leader. I did here what I set out to do." Sounds familiar.

Jerue also enjoys dining at Mike Lata's FIG, golfing and relaxing with his wife, who is an artist (see: full profile of him in the P&C from 2006).

Postell will be exiting at the end of April, and hunt continues for someone to permanently fill her position.

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