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Pane e Vino in Mt. P 'Needs Some Parental Attention'

There's a new Pane e Vino in Mount Pleasant, and it lags behind its older sibling in the eyes of Charleston Scene's Deidre Schipani.

"Like many second children whose baby books are filled with blank pages and whose photo albums bear little witness to their first tooth, haircut, words, steps and holidays, Pane e Vino "Mount P" has neither its own website nor its own Facebook page."
At least the Facebook-less offspring is doing pasta right. She notes, "Deeply flavored sauces, rustic pasta cuts, the Northern Italian luxury of the generous use of meats and the Renaissance influence that has lingered for centuries there make eating their richly flavored recipes a treat."

On the flip side, though, she would like to see an improvement in the bread basket. In the end, Schipani decides, "[Owner Alfred Temelini's] new addition to the family just needs some parental attention."

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The picture above is of the star older sibling in the Pane family. Naturally. [Photo: Paul Cheney/]

Pane e Vino

201 Coleman Blvd., Charleston, SC