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XBB's Green Patio; Dellz Uptown Updates; Meet Café Zest

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PATIO WIRE Asian soul food masters Xiao Bao Biscuit did some work to their patio, adding Japanese maples and other greenery to the outdoor space. An alert to shade-seeking day drinkers: there's also an updated cocktail menu. [EaterWire]

SWITCHEROOS Citrus To Go was a fancy-ish takeout place on East Bay Street. It no longer exists. Instead, the owner has opened Café Zest, a breakfast and lunch spot at 334 East Bay St. (in the same plaza as Ted's Butcherblock). They have coffee pastries, eggs, baguettes, salads, sandwiches and seating. The changes happened earlier this year, and went under the Eater radar. [EaterWire]

EATER TRACKING Dellz Uptown is the official name for the new vegan and vegetarian place by the team behind healthy favorites Dellz Deli and Dellz Vibez. The Rutledge Street restaurant clearly missed its hopeful March opening, but the lights have been on in there at night and a recent update noted, "It's coming together...." They are considering the merits of a salad bar on Facebook right now. [Facebook]

Xiao Bao Biscuit

224 Rutledge Avenue, , SC 29401 Visit Website

Cafe Zest

344 Esat Bay St., Charleston