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Moe's Downtown Tavern Will Close on Saturday

Moe's Downtown Tavern, the younger of the two much-loved spots for beer and pub grub, is calling it quits this weekend. Moe's Crosstown Tavern, the institution near Hampton Park, will stay open. "We're not going anywhere," an employee of the uptown bar said.

Moe's Downtown opened back in 2007, as a more sports-centric off-shoot of the original Moe's, just off the East Bay Street strip. Employees at both locations confirmed it would be shuttering. There's no official word yet on exactly why the place is pouring final beer this week, but the rumor is an oyster bar might move into the location. If you know what's up, send details to the tipline.

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Moe's Downtown Tavern

5 Cumberland St., Charleston, SC