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The Anatomy of Coleman Public House's Lamb Slider

Mount Pleasant's Coleman Public House is a popular stop for burgers and beer. Also, for sliders. The mini lamb burgers on their menu are a favorite, and manager Brian Tanner broke down exactly what goes into these two-ounce treats. Presenting, The Anatomy of the Coleman Public House Lamb Slider.

Each small burger starts with two ounces of spice-laden ground lamb (ginger, onion, coriander, clove, garlic and nutmeg all go into the mix). After they're cooked, each slider sits on its own potato rolled and is topped with a tomato-onion chutney and tzatziki sauce. They're served in a trio, with a side of house-made pickles. Tanner recommends them with an IPA. Truffle fries don't hurt either.

Coleman Public House

427 W Coleman Blvd Mt Pleasant, SC 29464