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City Paper: Chicken Tops Beef at The Sloppy Cow

At James Island's new-ish burger joint Sloppy Cow "the chicken beats the cow every time," City Paper's Eric Doksa boldly writes in his review. The stuffed burgers are tasty-but-messy as the restaurant's name implies, but Doksa notes the smoked chicken nachos are some of his favorite in town.

"Piping hot, crispy fried corn tortilla chips buried in pieces of pulled smoked chicken, warm garlic, bacon, and smoked gouda cheese sauce, crumbled queso fresca, fresh salsa, roasted jalapeño relish, and just the right amount of cilantro lime cream sauce define good eats."

Doksa also praised the unfortunately-named Cow Patty (that'd be the veggie option), adding, "This is where I think stuffing the patty is a good idea — each component fully cooked with a surprise inside."

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[Photo: Facebook]

The Sloppy Cow

1023 Harbor View Road, Charleston, SC