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Here Comes Coastal Crust, A New Pizza Truck

[Photo: Facebook]

Yes, the Holy City pizza boom is now mobile. Brian Piesner just launched Coastal Crust, an International Harvester truck serving Neopolitan-style pies, gelato and espresso. They'll be at private events all spring, but their first public event is the Charleston Beer Garden on May 18.

Piesner was part of a similar concept up in Greenpoint, New York called "Rolling in Dough." He played soccer for the Charleston Battery back in 2001, and he and his wife were looking to get back to the Lowcountry. Throw an Italian-made wood-burning oven into the mix, and Coastal Crust was born. They actually have two trucks, with one focusing on beverages and the other specializing in pizza.

In addition to "trying to source ingredients locally," Piesner will be serving South Carolina-brewed beers and North Charleston's King Been espresso. Although he'll mostly be manning the ovens, he already brought two chefs on board.

"The trucks aren't built like food trucks, so I can't abide by the same rules they do," Piesner said. "All the cooking gets done outside the truck."

As for where to find them, Piesner said, "I'm gearing them more toward private events and catering, but I'd love to bring them to some of the [food truck] rodeos."

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