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Lights On, But Still No Beer at Craftsmen Kitchen

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Last night, the lights were on in the Pale Room of the highly-anticipated 48-tap restaurant and beer hall Craftsmen Kitchen & Taphouse, but no one was there. An ABL (alcohol beverage licensing) sign is in the front window, noting written objections to their liquor license must be postmarked by 5 p.m. on March 27, so perhaps early April is the new target for opening. Last month, the Craftsmen team cited inspections and liquor license approval as the final hold-ups.

Craftsmen was able to hold the Dogfish Head dinner during Wine + Food, so head over to their Facebook page to see pictures of the place in action and some beer and food porn.

· Craftsmen Kitchen & Taphouse [Facebook]
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Craftsmen Kitchen and Taphouse

12 Cumberland St., Charleston, SC