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Brock Bites; The State of Lady Steakhouses

BROCK WIRE To toast McCrady's and Husk mastermind Sean Brock's James Beard nomination, Southern Living wrote a roundup of their favorite of his dishes from the past year. The list includes the likes of fried chicken skins with fried pimento cheese and scallop with turnip and black truffle dashi. [SL]

MCCRADY'S WIRE Speaking of, the team at McCrady's made an announcement about a new deal of the miniature variety. They're now offering a "4 Course Canapé tasting for $10 per person" at the bar. The bites are based on whatever snacks they're serving that day.

EATER WIRE Downtown's Burwell's Stone Fire Grill got some play in Eater National's trend piece on marketing steak joints to ladies. "[Burwell's restaurateur Kenneth] Emery says he has backed off the female-friendly term — even though it remains on his website — since that whole lingerie dust-up. It's not because women don't like it." [EN]


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