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The Best Lines from Andrew Knowlton's Review of the Waffle House Smackdown

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Bon Appétit's Andrew Knowlton just declared that he peaked, after having emceed the Waffle House Smackdown at the Charleston Wine + Food Festival. His take on the event captures the feeling of the day:

"Everyone there seemed as little-kid giddy as I was just to be a part of an official Waffle House event. I got to keep the hat and the name tag. Now I can die happy."

There's also some philosophy, "Waffle House is life. It's beautiful, it's messy, and it's complicated, but it's yours." And observations, "Based on my WH experience, I'm guessing Master Blaster translates to 'you can cook a crap-ton of orders in an hour while being yelled at by drunk patrons.'"

Even if (spoiler?) you already know Mike Lata was ultimately named a Master Blaster, Knowlton's piece lets everyone relive the glory of that waffle-and-grits-filled morning.

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