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Tacos and Margaritas Hit Mixson this Summer

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Yes, the North Charleston enclave-in-progress Mixson is undergoing some construction, and one thing that's going up is a poolside taqueria called Basico. It's being built at the same time as the members-only Mixson Bath and Racquet Club, but in the spirit of guacamole democracy this taco spot will be open to the public.

Basico is by the team behind Mixson Market, the hyper-curated gourmet grocery store with impressive sandwiches, charcuterie and breakfast tacos. Of the morning delights City Paper recently wrote, "This tasty little morsel features a fried egg with cotija cheese, arugula, and sriracha, and — shocker — it's served on a toasted corn tortilla."

No insight yet one who will be heading up the kitchen at the new restaurant, but hopefully their early, successful foray into tacos is a sign of more tortilla-y goodness to come. Those with details should deliver them to the tipline.

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