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Holy City Chefs, Food Types on Where to Eat in CHS

A few of Charleston's heavy-hitters gave the blog "Find. Eat. Drink." tips on where to dine while visiting the city. Even locals will appreciate the list, because who doesn't love hearing that FIG and The Ordinary chef Mike Lata occasionally bails on work to hit up Ken Vedrinski's Trattoria Lucca?

Lata on Lucca: "I like to leave work a little early and sit at the bar and have chef Ken Vedrinski cook me whatever he is excited about. His robust cooking is simply delicious."

Rutledge Cab Co.'s Robert Carter on Two Boroughs Larder: "A very eclectic little restaurant with chef-inspired cuisine - anything from a noodle bowl to conserved tuna with shisitso peppers, sweetbreads to banana pudding in a mason jar. I had a lamb belly with yogurt and Indian spices, and it was just incredible."

Check it out for more recommendations from some of the Charleston's best chefs, bartenders, general managers or just to get in the mind of local food favorites.

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Trattoria Lucca

41 Bogard Street, , SC 29403 (843) 973-3323 Visit Website

The Ordinary

544 King Street, , SC 29403 (843) 414-7060 Visit Website


232 Meeting Street, , SC 29401 (843) 805-5900 Visit Website

Trattoria Lucca

41-A Bogard St., Charleston