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Moss: The Ordinary "An Important Step Forward"

[Photo: Landon Phillips]

Chef Mike Lata and Adam Nemirow's expansive downtown seafood hall received a glittering review from City Paper's Robert Moss. He admits that his account wasn't anonymous (he was recognized immediately by GM Brooks Reitz), but that he also wasn't a huge fan of the idea when he first heard about the oyster hall ("It seemed too limited in scope.").

Moss writes, "I should have had more faith. As it turns out, the Ordinary is a dramatic validation of the power of limits." The sliders, which are fried oysters on Hawaiian rolls, "rise way above the run of the mill," a skate wing "worked beautifully," and he was "particularly impressed" with the trigger schnitzel.

In the end, he praises the entire experience.

I think that marks an important step forward for dining in our city, and I've not had a restaurant meal in at least a year that compares to the experience at the Ordinary. That is due mostly to the food, but the atmosphere matters, too."

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The Ordinary

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The Ordinary

544 King Street, Charleston, SC 29403